Property Management SERVICES IN INDIA


Upcoming Property Management Services are offered in most parts of Chennai, Bangalore and Coimbatore, India

Our range of property management services includes following tasks :

Comprehensive Property Management on time rent, Verified tenants, tenant fixing, payment of taxes related to property, periodical property inspection, checking & accepting inventories of the house and keys while a tenant vacates or moves in, facilitating tenant landlord rental agreement, filing of police verification forms for new tenants, home repair assistance, Property listing when vacant, advertisement online in company website, company social media pages, real estate portals and also in local real estate listings, property showings and more.

A contract will be executed between the Landlord and EKA Property Management Services for managing the Rental Property according to the terms and conditions mentioned in our standard agreement.

We promise that your property managment and rentals will be manged as per your expectation.


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